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√ The drafter of Chinese steel strapping industrial standard YB/T025-2002
√ The drafter of Chinese steel strapping national standard GB/T 25820-2010
√ With 23 years professional experiences, the corporation always places great emphasis on R&D, production and services
√ The corporation is the sole enterprise with the title of “CHINA STEEL STRAPPING PRODUCTION BASE”
√ With the capacity of 200,000 tons per year, the corporation is the largest enterprise of individual steel strapping production in the world.
√The corporation provides professional services to more than 30 largest steel mills every month, such as ShouSteel , AnSteel, and MaSteel etc.
√ The products meet all strict requirements from worldwide top packing machines, such as US SIGNODE, JAPAN KOHAN KOGYO, Germany TITAN, Italy ITPACK, Sweden SUND BIRSTA etc.
√ The products apply to many famous international enterprises, such as ArcelorMittal and POSCO.The corporation overthrows traditional steel strapping production process with its own intellectual property of non-quenching and tempering technology process
√ The corporation owns compact non lead colour steel strapping auto production line and international patents and always leads up-to-date technology and trends in this field.
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