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High strength steel strapping specification /datum


1: on the surface of P - painted; B - bluing; Z - galvanized; W - wax; O - oil

Packing: PE composite paper; C - box; P - wooden tray

Three winding way: after - after around; Single - disc

4 paint color: black - black; Gray to gray; Blue - blue; Green, green

5 high strength refers to more than 880 mpa

6 rewinding, big volume is a way of winding

7 steel strip produced according to customer's special requirements

Average intensity of 8: each size average strength of the steel strip has been through a lot of experiment data. Special steel belt sample strength may be higher or lower than the strength.

Medium strength steel strapping specification /datum


1,surface: p-painted b-blue z-zinc-coated w-waxed o-oil
2,packing :PE-PE paper c-carton p-wood pallte
3 type wound :mill r-ribbon
4 painted color :b-black g-gray b-blue g green
5,high tensile strength is more than 880 Mpa
6,mill,oscillating and jumbo are same type of wood
7,steel strapping can be produced under EU and American standards or as per requirements from customers.
8,average strength :the average strength for each strap size was calculated from large number of tests, the strength of a particular strap sample may be above or below the listed strength.

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